(BBG) EU Says Not Considering Suspension of Schengen System

…sure…it can get suspended for two years…and by then every one has forgotten…and by then…
… it is abolished…

(Bloomberg) “There is no suspension of the Schengen system on the table here,” says Natasha Bertaud, spokeswoman for the European Commission.

* “That is not what the code foresees,” Bertaud tells
reporters on Brussels, referring to the Schengen Borders
* “What Article 26 foresees is that if we are in a situation
where we have determined that there is a persistent
deficiency at one or more of the EU’s external borders, then
the council, based on a proposal by the commission, can
adopt a decision which would allow for prolonged, temporary
controls at internal Schengen borders” for a maximum period
of two years, Bertaud says