(BBG) Rousseff Allies to Vote in 30 Days on Fate of Brazil Coalition

(BBG) President Dilma Rousseff of Brazil could lose the support of the biggest party in her ruling coalition when the leadership of the Democratic Movement Party votes next month on its relationship with the government.

The motion discussed in the PMDB’s national convention Saturday sets a deadline of 30 days for the party to re-evaluate its alliance with Rousseff’s unpopular administration, including the option to leave the coalition and step down from six ministries. Under another proposal, the party would retain its ministries butallow its legislators to vote as they wish, including in favor of impeachment.

The PMDB’s position will help determine whether the president of Latin America’s largest economy will be impeached or limp through until the end of her term in 2018. An advancing corruption investigation and two years of recession are tipping the momentum against Rousseff, and many members of the PMDB are seeking to distance themselves from what they see as a losing bet.

Most of the speeches at the convention called for an end to the PMDB’s alliance with the government, with varying degrees of vitriol. The crowd burst into chants of “Out with Dilma!” and “Leave now!” as they called for Rousseff’s ouster and PMDB independence.

National leaders, including Vice President Michel Temer, were more guarded in their declarations, leaving an official decision on the alliance for another day. Temer, who was re-elected Saturday as the head of the party, used his speech to call for unity, dialogue and “a path for economic growth and social development.”