(Express) Theresa May to deliver stunning blow to close ally as she blocks Hammond from key honour

(Express) THERESA MAY, the former Prime Minister is finalising the names on her list and several senior members of her staff will move up to the House of Lords.

Mrs May is also planning on handing honours to some of her closest political allies. As one of her most senior and longest-serving ministers, Hammond would have been eligible for an honour. But, in an ending that speaks of how their relationship had soured towards the end of Mrs May’s time in office, Mr Hammond is understood to have missed out entirely according to Mail Online. A friend of the Prime Minister said: “Nobody can read Theresa’s mind but I’d be astonished if she gave Philip anything.

Theresa May set to deliver blow to Philip Hammond

Theresa May set to deliver blow to Philip Hammond (Image: GETTY)


“He blocked and frustrated her for three years even at the very end he was still doing everything he could to be obstructive.”

The move comes in stark contrast to her predecessor, David Cameron, who placed his chancellor, George Osbourne at the top of his honours list by making him a Companion of Honour (CH).

The prestigious title, a rare award rated above a knighthood, is given for “nationally important service”.

The new honour allows the recipient to put CH after their name and can be held by only 65 people at any one time.

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Hammond is set to miss out

Hammond is set to miss out (Image: GETTY)

Mrs May is expected to hand a peerage to Gavin Barwell, the former Croydon MP who joined her in No 10 as her Chief of Staff.

Mr Barwell lost his seat in the catastrophic 2017 election but is set to gain a prestigious honours gift for his work.

Another difference is the size of her list compared to that of Cameron’s.

While Mr Cameron’s list comprised of 48 former colleagues and allies, and 13 named Tory peers, Mrs May’s entire honours list came in at a modest 20.

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Theresa May in pictures

Theresa May in pictures (Image: Express)


Mr Cameron's list was far larger than Mrs May's

Mr Cameron’s list was far larger than Mrs May’s (Image: GETTY)

Brexit was ‘three years of holy hell’ under May says expert

The former PM and her chancellor were close friends when she entered No 10 in 2016, but their relationship quickly deteriorated.

In her early months in office, her allies relented against his gloomy tone and stance on Brexit, which strained relations with Eurosceptic Tory MPs.

Mr Hammond was also accused of frustrating No Deal by refusing to provide adequate funding to government departments to ready for Brexit.

In her final months in office, he was seen in No 10 as a constant thorn in her side.