M.P.O. (BBG) Boris Johnson Aims to Meet Brexit Bus Pledge With Boost for Health-Care


Having lived in the UK for several years, i can easily say that the NHS has been deteriorating in quality for many years now.

I also find it unfair that disabled and elderly  persons almost don’t have any special benefits, as opposed to most Countries in Europe, including Portugal.

The British understand this very well and that’s why this announcement by the new Prime Minister Mr Boris Johnson is a major win win situation.

If Mr Johnson secures a stable majority in the House of Commons and with the support of the US, he will have the EU dancing at his tunes.

And it would be only fair, because the EU, which has all the ticks of a dictatorship, has been dealing with the UK in an incredible and totally imperialistic way.

With a stable and solid majority in Parliament, i am of the opinion, according to the Theory of Games, that the EU will blink first.

Particularly because the EU desperatly needs the famous 39 billion pounds of the settlement divorce.

And it is not going to to get one pound out of that lump sum if the divorce is not arranged in an amical way.

This is my opinion come what may.

I repeat:

Not one single pound if it is a hard Brexit.

Sorry Brussels, but with Mr Farage comanding the largest number of British MEP, i Francisco am of the firm opinion, that in the eventual case of a hard Brexit the EU will not get one single pound of that lump sum.

The same way that French boats are never going to continue to have fishing rights in the UK waters after the UK leaves the EU.

What a ridiculous french idea.

Francisco (Abouaf) de Curiel Marques Pereira

Post Scriptum:
Elderly people having to sell their homes to pay for health care in their last months of life is an abnoxious and totally unfair idea.

Unfortunately it’s happening.

Shame on the politicians that were not able to pass a law to solve this problem



  •  U.K. premier to commit hundreds of millions of pounds to NHS
  •  Health package to including cash for artificial intelligence
The Vote Leave campaign bus in May 2016.
The Vote Leave campaign bus in May 2016. Photographer: Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

Boris Johnson plans to spend hundreds of millions of pounds on hospitals and health care technology, as the U.K.’s new prime minister seeks to deliver on his own most contentious political promise.

Back in the 2016 referendum, Johnson’s pro-Brexit campaign emblazoned a slogan on the side of its bus that pledged extra cash for Britain’s state-run National Health Service if the country voted to leave the European Union. It was attacked as misleading at the time and the argument has dogged Johnson ever since.

Boris Johnson Announces His Domestic Priorities In Manchester Speech
Boris Johnson

Now he is prime minister and intends to make good his three year-old words, according to a person familiar with the matter.

The expenditure is set to be announced next week in one of the new administration’s first major non-Brexit policies, said the person, who asked not to be named as the plan is not yet public.

The announcement forms part of a health care spending “blitz” championed by Dominic Cummings, the backroom official who masterminded Johnson’s 2016 Brexit campaign and is now one of the premier’s top aides, the person said.

Johnson’s NHS announcement is likely to be seen as a further signal that he is preparing for a potential election campaign with populist pledges. The opposition Labour Party is traditionally stronger on health care and is trying to paint Johnson as someone who can’t be trusted with the NHS. The extra cash is the latest in a series of high profile spending commitments from Johnson, following pledges to recruit more police officers and to build new rail links.

The NHS spending announcement, provisionally planned for next week, will be three-pronged, according to the person, who declined to be named discussing policy that’s yet to be announced.

In total, the spending is likely to amount to hundreds of millions of pounds of new cash, according to the person. Once the acceleration of delivery on old promises is factored in, the sum of the entire package is likely to be in the billions, they said.

In 2016, Johnson’s pro-Brexit campaign pledged to spend money that would have gone to Brussels on free health care. The slogan on the side of the red bus Johnson used to tour the country declared: “We send the EU 350 million pounds a week. Let’s fund our NHS instead.”

Johnson was criticized during the referendum campaign for the pledge on the side of the bus, which a Parliamentary panel dismissed at the time as “highly misleading.” Nevertheless, Vote Leave stuck to its message, helping secure a 52%-48% victory for the Brexit camp.