+++ P.O. (BBG) Ecuador Says Latest Attempt to End Assange Impasse Has Failed


Regardless if we approve of Mr Assange actions, or not, one thing seems to me obvious…

The real reason why Mr Assange is confined to the Ecuador Embassy in London has nothing to do with what we have been told so far…

Let’s take a look at the facts:

Mr Assange’s initial ordeal, had to do originally with supposed sex crimes (rape) alleged by two women in Sweden.

Strangely enough both women had invited Mr Assange and friends to restaurants in the days following the supposed rape.

The Swedish authorities wanted to interview Mr Assange in Sweden, instead of hearing him in the UK (a common practice) and requested his extradition from the UK.

Since then the Swedish authorities have interviewed Mr Assange in the Ecuador Embassy in London and all charges have been dropped…

Mr Assange took refuge in the Ecuador Embassy in London when he had exhausted all legal options to fight extradition to Sweden.

He always suspected that Sweden really wanted him to extradite him to the US.

All the charges against Mr Assange having been dropped by Sweden, Sweden has no claim against Mr Assange anymore.

Then arrives the UK, insisting that Mr Assange should face justice for skipping bail…

The five and a half years Mr Assange has been confined to the Ecuador Embassy in London, amount to more than 14 times the maximum sentence for skipping bail.

Lately Ecuador has granted Mr Assange citizenship and has tried to accredit him as a diplomat in the UK.

That would give Mr Assange immunity and he would be able to exit the Embassy.

The tentative accreditation took place on the 20th of December last.

The British Foreign Office declined it the following day in record time…

Does anyone really believe that the UK is insisting on the arrest of Mr Assange, because of skipping bail, pending an extradition to Sweden for charges that have since then been dropped?

I don’t.

Francisco (Abouaf) de Curiel Marques Pereira

(Bloomberg) — Ecuador’s decision to grant citizenship to
Julian Assange and subsequent attempt to register him as a
diplomat has failed to solve a five-year stand off with British
authorities over the founder of WikiLeaks.
Assange remains holed up at Ecuador’s embassy in London
after the U.K. government refused to recognize his diplomatic
status, Ecuador’s Foreign Minister Maria Fernanda Espinosa told
a news conference in Quito Thursday.
“On December 20, the Foreign Ministry via its embassy in
London requested the British Foreign Office consider accrediting
Mr. Assange as a diplomatic agent in Ecuador’s mission in the
United Kingdom,” Espinosa said. “This petition was declined on
December 21.”
Espinosa confirmed that Ecuador had granted Assange
citizenship a day after he tweeted a photo of himself wearing
the yellow jersey of the country’s soccer team following more
than five and a half years at the London embassy. The Latin
American nation is now looking for alternative ways to resolve
the impasse.
“Ecuador is currently exploring other forms of resolution,
of course, amid a dialogue with the United Kingdom, for example
through mediation,” Espinosa said.
The U.K. insists that Assange face justice for skipping
bail following allegations of sex crimes in Sweden. Those
original allegations have since been dropped. WikiLeaks said
that by staying as long as he had in the embassy, he had served
more than 14 times the maximum sentence under U.K. law.