+++ P.O. (BBG) Lula’s Request for Habeas Corpus Denied by Top Brazil Court


I am afraid Mr Lula da Silva is going to be detained and go to jail as soon as his appeal process with the Federal Supreme Court is ruled on.

No way around it.

Francisco (Abouaf) de Curiel Marques Pereira

(Bloomberg) — Brazil’s Superior Court of Justice turned
down a request for a preventative habeas corpus, filed by
lawyers on behalf of former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva.
Judge Humberto Martins, the vice president of the court,
wrote that such a plea is only applicable when there is “a
concrete threat of prison imminent” in a statement published on
the court’s website. The possibility of immediate imprisonment
does not appear to be present, the note stated.
Last week, an appeals court unanimously upheld Lula’s
conviction for corruption and money-laundering and extended his
jail time from nine and half years to 12 years and one month.
The judges also ruled that the 72-year-old leftist leader could
be jailed as soon as his appeals process cames to an end. On
Friday, a federal judge ordered the seizure of Lula’s passport
and barred him from leaving the country.
The ruling drastically reduced the chances that Lula will
be eligible to run for the presidency this year, though his
lawyers have vowed to challenge the decision. The front-runner
by a wide margin in opinion polls, Lula accepted the Workers’
Party nomination the day after the court’s judgment. Lawyers for
the ex-president filed a request for habeas corpus at the
Superior Court of Justice earlier on Tuesday.