P.O. (BBG) Unprecedented Hong Kong Chaos Raises Fears About What’s Next


People around the World have finally came to the conclusion that HK’s hand over to mainland China was flawed one and a terrible mistake made by all parties involved.

Hong Kong, as we knew it,is no more.

It’s gone forever.

Whether we like it, or not.

And regardless if Beijing likes it, or not.

Any possible solution would be a face loosing one for Beijing, which is not acceptable at all in the Far East.

I don’t know what the eventual outcome might be.

But one thing i think i know, is that the situation in HK will became much much worse before it quiets down.

And i am afraid that a terrible tragedy might occur.

I am sorry not to have better news.

Francisco (Abouaf) de Curiel Marques Pereira


  • Public schools suspended, events canceled as violence worsens
  •  Chinese state media steps up rhetoric, warns of intervention

Hong Kong has seen many violent days since the unrest began in June, but the disruption this week has taken things to a new level — and fears are growing as to what may come next.

Protesters paralyzed the city on Wednesday for a third straight day, disrupting subway lines and blocking roads. Tear gas emanated through the Central financial district, while police also battled university students far from the city center. The government ordered schools from kindergarten to college to shut on Thursday, the first time it’s done so during the unrest.You’re browsing incognito.Subscribe to c