P.O. Cristiano Ronaldo ALL – Maurizio Sarri ZERO


I admit it is not easy to coach the best player that ever existed, which is what Cristiano Ronaldo is.
Simply the best ever!
But Mr Maurizio Sarri should have remembered that Mr Cristiano Ronaldo is the World’s Number One person in terms of recognition.
And who is Mr Sarri…?
No one.
Cristiano Ronaldo proved he is above the law in Italy.
He could have been banned for two years for leaving the stadium early.
But Mr Cristiano Ronaldo demonstrated again last night he is SIMPLY THE BEST with his hat trick against Lithuania., in which Portugal butchered Lithuania by 6 0.
Cristiano Ronaldo walked out in triumph and at the same time showed what Mr Sarri is:

No one.
And a foul after the ridiculous explanations Mr Sarri gave to retract himself, I’am sure on orders.
I am sure Mr Sarri will be replaced rather sooner than later.
And he will join the No One’s Club.
Mr Cristiano Ronaldo will be remembered for ever.
I am Portuguese, and a proud one.
But i am absolutely sure i can speak for all of us.
Mr Sarri has to go, come what may.
Nothing short of that!

Francisco (Abouaf) de Curiel Marques Pereira