P.O. If Professor Mario Centeno was exceptionnally successfully in Portugal as Finance Minister, why wouldn’ he be equally successfull as Chairman of the Eurogroup?


“Habemus Acordo”
“Habemus Deal”

Wrote Professor Centeno in his Twitter account  referring to a deal reached on a budgetary instrument agreement for the euro area to be announced this morning in a press conference at 08:30.

The former Finance Minister of Germany called him the “Cristiano Ronaldo of the Eurogroup”

I have to say, on a personal note, that i always liked Professor Centeno. To start with, just the fact that he his on bad terms with the Governor of the  Bank of Portugal Mr. Costa ( a different person from our Prime Minister) on which I have the lowest of possible opinions, is already a quality.

Professor Centeno proved, and was even recognized by the Federal Reserve of the United States, that even in Countries with a high debt to GDP relation but that are using only part of their installed industrial capacity to raise wages of Public Workers and to raise Pensions can have a positive effect on the economy.

This was against the traditional economic theories, but Professor Centeno implemented it and had an incredible success.

That’s why Mr Wolfgang Schauble, the former Finance Minister of Germany, which was originally against the idea, called Professor Centeno the “Cristiano Ronaldo of the Eurogroup”. Effectively paving the way for Professor Centeno to succeed him as Chairman of the Eurogroup.

If Professor Centeno was extremely successful in Portugal, why would he not be as successful as Chairman of the Eurogroup?

To finish my Personal Opinion i say of Professor Centeno:
“Summa cum Laude”!

Francisco (Abouaf) de Cutiel Marques Pereira