Portugal in World News (Number 160)

(ESM) Portugal Quadruples Olive Oil Production In Last Decade
Aug 10 2017
Over the last decade, Portugal has quadrupled its production of olive oil and tripled the volume of exports to €434 million in 2016, reports Publico.
(AP) Henriques sets world record in women’s 50-kilometer walk
Aug 13, 2017
The first women’s 50-kilometer walk at the world championships produced a world record. Ines Henriques of Portugal bettered her own mark on Sunday by finishing in 4 hours, 5 minutes, 56 seconds on the two-kilometer loop in central London.
(BBG) Portugal Second-Quarter Jobless Rate Falls as Growth Accelerates
Aug 9, 2017
Portugal’s unemployment rate declined in the three months through June as the number of jobless from services and agriculture businesses dropped.
(FT) Portuguese unemployment below eurozone’s for first time since 2010
Aug 9, 2017
Portugal’s unemployment rate tumbled to the lowest since 2009 in the second quarter of this year, pushing it below the eurozone’s average for the first time since the continent’s sovereign debt crisis.
(FT) A taste of Lisbon
Aug 8, 2017
Globetrotters join locals to indulge in custard tarts created by Portuguese monks.
(EP) Lisboa, ¿pero dónde estabas?
Aug 11, 2017
Kimi Djabate es un músico de Guinea-Bisáu que toca el balafón en la ribera del Tajo. La cultura musical lisboeta es una mezcla de fados y ritmos africanos.
E L 25 DE ABRIL desfilan los comunistas pidiendo derechos, y por San Antonio, las novias pidiendo casamiento.
(BBC) The truth about Japanese tempura
Aug 10, 2017
When 16th-Century Portuguese came to Japan, they brought a special dish with them. Today, in Japan, it’s called tempura and has been a staple of the country’s cuisine ever since.
(NYT) Colares, Where the Vineyards Snake Through the Sand
Aug 3, 2017
COLARES, Portugal — The vineyards in this small wine region west of Lisbon on the Atlantic coast look like something that slithered up from the sea.
(MacauHub) Macau’s Banco Nacional Ultramarino closes first half-year with US$40 million profit
Aug 10, 2017
Banco Nacional Ultramarino de Macau closed the first half-year with a profit of 320.9 million patacas (US$40 million), indicates the balance sheet published in the territory’s official gazette.
(Business Tech) South Africans flock to Portugal thanks to a new lower investment threshold
Aug 7, 2017
A reduced investment threshold and improved safety ratings has resulted in South Africans being among the top investors in Portugal’s Golden Visa programme.
(GlobeandMail) British Columbia looks to Portugal to combat opioid crisis
Aug 9, 2017
Canadian health-care experts, including British Columbia’s provincial health officer, want the federal government to strongly consider Portugal’s approach to drug policy, including the decriminalization of personal possession.
(ABC) El sacerdote más veterano de Portugal: 105 años y 80 desde que fue ordenado en Oporto
Aug 8, 2017
Joaquim Pereira da Cunha cumplió en mayo su sueño de ser recibido por el Papa en Fátima.
(ABC) Diez excelentes playas de Portugal para este verano
Aug 6, 2017
Recorrido por algunos de los mejores arenales de Portugal, desde Oporto hasta el Algarve pasando por Madeira.
(TEL) Is this Portugal’s wildest weekend break?
Aug 11, 2017
The boat attendant poured some Crofts Ruby Port into a plastic cup then thrust it under my chin. The rain drip-dropping from the tip of my cap sploshed into the alcohol.
(CBS) Best Portuguese Restaurants In NYC
Aug 11, 2017
Given its proximity to, and dependence on, the ocean, Portuguese cuisine features many types of seafood, from octopus to oysters to cod. But the country also has a mean pastry tradition, including heavenly egg tarts, as well as a booming wine industry (we get the word “port” from the city of Porto) and does great things with lamb and other types of meat. Here are our five favorite restaurants for Portuguese fare around town. Go hungry.
(BigHospitality) Chef Leandro Carreira to open London Bridge restaurant
Aug 10, 2017
Portuguese chef Leandro Carreira, formerly of Viajante and Lyles, is planning to launch his first solo restaurant near London Bridge, in Snowfields Yard. https://www.esmmagazine.com/portugal-olive-oil-production-quadruples/47489
(ABC) Pedro de Almeida, el nuevo dueño de Comporta
Aug 12, 2017
El empresario portugués adquiere el fondo inmobiliario que controla el paraíso eco-chic próximo a Lisboa, refugio favorito de los Grimaldi, Rania de Jordania o Luis Medina.
Aug, 2017
As we scout the world’s most interesting places in our continual search to add more trips, we came across the Portugal’s Alentejo region, once one of the most important provinces in the Roman Empire, and now one of our most-loved regions to travel to.
Aug, 2017
Finding eco-friendly things to do in Portugal isn’t difficult, because nature is at the heart of Portuguese life. Its people have a close relationship with their land, as they’ve had to rely on it for survival for so many years.
(dornob) Portugal Winery Transformed Into Private Residence
Aug, 2017
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It’s easy to lose track of the history behind old buildings when they aren’t considered culturally significant.
(FactMag) Kraftwerk, Detroit legends and rising stars: Tracing the evolution of techno at Portugal’s Neopop Festival 2017
Aug 8, 2017
Located in Portugal’s coastal city of Viana do Castelo, Neopop festival is a celebration of electronic music with a European body clock that allows for a hedonistic 9am finish.
(EM) Adecco aumenta un 10% su facturación en España y Portugal
Aug 10, 2017
Enrique Sánchez, presidente de Adecco: “Creemos en el talento sin etiquetas”
La compañía obtuvo a nivel global un beneficio neto de 368 millones de euros
La facturación de la filial para España y Portugal de la compañía suiza de recursos humanos Adecco alcanzó en el primer semestre un total de 512 millones de euros, una cifra un 10% superior a la del mismo periodo de 2016, informó la multinacional.
(AP) Benfica and Porto open Portuguese league season with wins
Aug 9, 2017
Benfica started the defense of its Portuguese league title by easing to a 3-1 win at home to Braga on Wednesday.
(EM) El desafío eterno de Cristiano
Aug 13, 2017
Este verano, en el Real Madrid no se recibieron nunca noticias del presunto interés de Cristiano Ronaldo por marcharse.
(talkSPORT) West Ham move step closer to signing Portugal international William Carvalho from Sporting Lisbon – reports
Aug 11, 2017
West Ham have moved a step close to landing Tottenham target William Carvalho after the club reached a verbal agreement with the player.
(Outside of the Boot) Scout Report: Iuri Medeiros | Sporting Lisbon’s Next Prodigy 
Aug 10, 2017
I believe that many football fans are getting tired of reading or hearing about Sporting Lisbon’s academy, especially when it comes to raising talented wingers. Everyone knows the successful stories of Cristiano Ronaldo, Simão Sabrosa, Quaresma, Nani, Luís Figo, amongst others, and, more recently, bright young wingers like Podence and Gelson Martins.