+++ M.P.O. (BBG) Merkel Breaks Deadlock in Coalition Deal With Social Democrats


In theory these are good news for Europe…

In reality, Mrs Merkel policies for Europe are a disaster and are the main cause for the growth of extremists parties both from the left and right.

How more idiot can it get than to invite, welcome, and pay for, one million immigrants that in their majority do not accept our values and way of life, with out even consulting the other European Union Schengen States…?

Once legalized in Germany, or any other EU State for that matter, these persons can freely travel and settle in any EU State.

And this is precisely the problem.

No wonder Mrs Le Pen, Mr Viktor Orbán, Mr Mateusz Morawiecki, Mr Sebastian Kurz and alikes (not all the same) are doing well in various elections…

Even thought Austria is not exactly a reference for anything, namely Adolf Hitler,born in Braunau am Inn Austria, Kurt Waldheim, Jorg Haider, Herbert Kickl, and many others including Economists (some of the Economists of the Austrian School are brilliant and have won the Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel ,but some of them are really nuts…), i can understand some of Mr Sebastian Kurz’s (current Chancellor of Austria) policies.

But one more term for Mrs Merkel is extremely bad news for Europe and will fuel more radicals in all EU States.

Let’s hope it doesn’t develop into something even worse…

Francisco (Abouaf) de Curiel Marques Pereira

(Bloomberg) — German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s bloc has
concluded a coalition agreement with the Social Democratic
Party, ending a four-month political stalemate in Europe’s
largest economy.
The SPD will get the finance, foreign, and labor
ministries, according to people familiar with the talks. German
media said Merkel’s Christian Democrats will fill the defense
and economy posts and the CDU’s Bavarian sister party will get
the Interior Ministry.
While the pact clears a key hurdle to a fourth term for
Merkel, the SPD’s pledge to let its 464,000 members vote on the
agreement augurs several more weeks of uncertainty.