M.P.O. Idiots in positions of power have always been everywhere


When studying the ranking of Countries I have always been puzzled how some declines took place.

Leaving Portugal aside (because it needs a much longer and complex P.O.) the most obvious example is Argentina vs Canada.

Both Countries have comparable natural resources and a comparable useful size (excluding the frozen areas of Canada).

Argentina in the 1900s was a much richer Country than Canada.

The arts flourished and common people had a much better standard of living.

But then the idiots arrived in power in Argentina.

Both Peronists and Radicalists.

They mixed business with politics.

And the result was a total disaster.

Argentina is broke once more.

And the cycle doesn’t seem to me to be over yet.

On the other hand Canadian politicians were always wise enough not to meddle with business.

And the result is…

Canada is one of the richest Countries in the World.

The standard of living of its Citizens is one of the best.

Argentina is broke once more and has a large percentage of its population in poverty.

They don’t have enough money to eat. Unfortunately.

And the question is: If possible, wouldn’t it would be better for politicians to be banned internationally from interfering with business?

And a tricky question it is…

But my opinion is: If possible and with a United Nations mandatory regulation i think it would.

Sorry for the politicians.

Francisco (Abouaf) de Curiel Marques Pereira