+++ P.O. V.V.I. (BBG) Lula Said Not to Rule Out Accepting Brazil Minister Post:Folha


…Of course he doesn’t rule out…

…He says it himself…

…He thinks that it is not likely that the judge would order is arrest before
   the 14 th of March, which is the date he indicated for his decision…

…And the catch is…

…If ex President Lula da Silva becomes a minister, it gives him automatic        immunity from lower Courts, and could only be tried by the Federal Supreme
   Court of Brazil.
   (Supremo Tribunal Federal)

…There is nothing secret about this, strange as it might seem…

…Because both President Dilma Rousseff and ex President Lula da Silva are
   saying it themselves, loud and clear…

   That’s Brazil.

   Francisco (Abouaf) de Curiel Marques Pereira

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(Bloomberg) — Brazil former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva told allies that President Dilma Rousseff has offered to name him as minister and that he would make a decision by March 14, Folha de S.Paulo reports, without saying how it got the information.

* Lula is split but doesn’t rule out accepting the offer,
according to Folha
* Lula doesn’t expect judge to rule on request for his arrest
before March 14, Folha says
* Link to original article in Portuguese
* NOTE: Rousseff could appoint Lula to her administration in
effort to shield him from further detentions or arrest,
local media reported this week
* Under Brazilian law, only the Supreme Court can
authorize a Cabinet member’s imprisonment and trial
* NOTE: Yday, Sao Paulo prosecutors requested state court to
place Lula under preventative arrest
* NOTE: Lula Could Spend Up to 13 Years in Jail: Prosecutors
* NOTE: Lula Likely to Be Named Rousseff’s Chief of Staff:
Kennedy Blog
* Lula Said to Turn Down Offer to Be Chief of Staff: Globoçoptyg