Portugal in World News (Number 118)

(FT) Portugal holds investment-grade rating at DBRS in key win
Oct 21, 206
A Canadian rating agency has confirmed Portugal’s only investment-grade credit rating in a decision that ensures the former bailout country will continue to benefit from the European Central Bank’s government bond-buying programme.
(BBG) Portugal Keeps Credit Rating That Ensures Eligibility for QE
Oct 21, 2016
Portugal’s credit rating was retained at investment grade by DBRS Ltd., securing eligibility of the country’s debt for the European Central Bank’s bond purchase program.
(FT) Portugal looks to satisfy EU rules with ‘budget of the left’
Oct 16, 2016
PM hopes plans will ease investor fears of a second bailout.
(Reuters) Portugal set to keep investment-grade rating as growth flags
Oct 19, 2016
Portugal’s last investment-grade credit rating is likely to survive a review on Friday despite worries about economic growth, aided by the promise of budget deficit cuts in 2017 and renewed vows of left-wing support for the government.
(BBG) Portugal Keeps Bond Rating That Ensures Continuing ECB Help
Oct 21, 2016
Ratings agency DBRS has kept its investment grade classification for Portuguese bonds, ensuring the debt-heavy eurozone country remains eligible for vital help from the European Central Bank’s stimulus program.
(ElPais) Portugal seguirá en el programa de compra de activos del BCE
Oct 21, 206
La agencia DBRS es la única de las cuatro grandes que mantiene el rating del país por encima del ‘bono basura’.
(Reuters) Portugal preparing “systemic measure” for banks’ bad loans -PM
Oct 21, 2016
Portuguese authorities are preparing a “systemic measure” to tackle the banking sector’s huge pile of bad loans, without the use of public funds, Prime Minister Antonio Costa said in a television interview.
(AP) Portugal scraps more austerity but vows budget deficit cut
Oct 20, 2016
Portugal’s center-left government is rolling back some more austerity measures, even while it pledges to keep cutting its budget deficit as part of an ongoing effort to reduce its huge national debt.
(BBG) Costa’s Balancing Act Seen Letting Portugal Keep Crucial Rating
Oct 21, 2016
The Portuguese Socialist prime minister’s ability to satisfy reform-driven European authorities while also appeasing his more radical backers at home may help his country keep its crucial investment-grade rating from DBRS Ltd.
(Reuters) Portugal’s bond yields near 6-wk lows ahead of key ratings test
Oct 21, 2016
Portugal’s government bond yields held just above six-week lows on Friday, with analysts expecting Lisbon to survive a crucial ratings review and keep its place in the European Central Bank’s asset purchase scheme.
(ChinaDaily) Li: Portugal may become bridge to other nations
Oct 10, 2016
New deals on table as Prime Minister Antonio Costa visits Beijing, Macao. China and Portugal reinforced their ties as Portuguese Prime Minister Antonio Costa met with Premier Li Keqiang on Sunday in Beijing during Costa’s ongoing visit to China.
(NCregister) Why Fátima is Still So Important
Oct 13, 2016
The centenary of the apparitions at Fátima in 2017 comes at a perfect time for all of us.
(ENCA) Portugal to build 34 new health centres
Oct 20, 2016
LISBON – Portugal’s Socialist government, which has rolled back its conservative predecessor’s austerity policies, said Wednesday it will build 34 new public health centres across the country next year.
(Swissinfo) Portuguese president visits Switzerland to talk research
Oct 17, 2016
The president of Portugal, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, has begun an official visit to Switzerland aimed at strengthening economic, research and educational ties between the two nations.
(MacauHub) Chinese group Fosun closer to being a shareholder of Portugal’s BCP bank
Oct 18, 2016
Shareholders of Portuguese bank Banco Comercial Portuguese (BCP) are due to meet on 9 November at the General Meeting to deliberate and possibly adopt amendments that will open up the way for the entry of Chinese group Fosun Industrial Holdings Limited in the financial institution, according to a market statement.
(MacauHub) Portugal and Beijing are invited partners at the 21st edition of the Macau International Fair
Oct 18, 2016
Portugal and Beijing are the first partner country and partner city of the Macau International Fair (MIF), according to the organisation, “adding lustre and allowing for more business opportunities during the event,” whose 21st edition takes place from Thursday to Saturday.
(ABC) Así se repartieron el mundo España y Portugal en 1494: el Testamento de Adán que detestaba Francia
Oct 18, 2016
Durante unas durísimas negociaciones, España aceptó en Tordesillas que se realizara una división por meridianos como planteaba la bula «Inter caetera», si bien de forma más favorable a los intereses portugueses de la planteada por el Papa valenciano Alejandro VI.
(FT) A Q&A with artist Paula Rego
Oct 21, 206
‘Living under a dictatorship for so long, I abhor all authoritarian regimes’.
(DML) Lisbon? It’s a little gem! The top spots to visit in one of Europe’s most history-rich cities
Oct 18, 2016
Lisbon, with a history longer and richer than any other European city, is a delight. But it’s small, so even for the busiest tourist, a couple of days is more than enough to fit in everything that you will want to see in the city.
(CityAM) The wine region of Porto and the Douro Valley are a must visit for plonk fans
Oct 21, 206
Douro is “Tuscany before the crowds”, a land forever locked in an annual cycle of wine making, olive picking and almond harvesting, a rural idyll that became electrified only after the 1950s.
(TEL) Where to stay and what to do in Madeira
Oct 19, 2016
Madeira might be best known for its wine, but it is the island’s exotic gardens that are most appealing at this time of year. The sub-tropical climate means that, as most of Europe cools, Madeira is still cloaked in sunshine with perfect temperatures for exploring botanical wonders.
(ElPais) 12 planes secretos en Portugal
Oct 20, 206
Del parque nacional de Peneda-Gerès a las playas surferas del sur, ruta alternativa por el país vecino.
(DML) Easy peasy Algarve: Portugal’s lush, laid-back coast is a breeze for family breaks with little ones 
Oct 22, 206
Travelling with a toddler is trying at the best of times. But holidaying with a demanding infant gourmand who likes to dine on sea bass, black olives and bulgur wheat and insists on changing her outfit the moment a speck sullies it, is another matter.
(ElPais)Las primeras tiendas de Mercadona en el extranjero estarán en Oporto
Oct 19, 2016
La compañía registra una sociedad lusa llamada Irmãdona, pero usará su marca comercial española.
(Jorge Welsh) New exhibition – A Time and A Place: Views and Perspectives on Chinese Export Art
Lisbon gallery
17th November – 10th December 10.30 am to 7 pm
Celebrating our 30th anniversary, Jorge Welsh Works of Art will hold a commemorative exhibition in our gallery, during Asian Art in London. The exhibition A Time and A Place: Views and Perspectives on Chinese Export Art focuses on the representation of European buildings and landscapes, Meissen scenes and Chinese cities and landscapes on Chinese export porcelain and other painted mediums.
(HCPlive) Evora, Portugal: A World Heritage Site
Oct 20, 2016
Everyone likes wealth and Portugal is no exception. In the 15th and 16th centuries it was master of the sea and the major trader with Asia from the West. Thus, tremendous wealth was brought into the country. Evora reflects that golden age. It is a walkable city that retains its Roman and Medieval walls.
(IMR) Portugal: Portugal With Direct Flights to China Starting Next June
Oct 17, 2016
Turismo de Portugal (Tourism of Portugal – TP) and HNA Group (Beijing Capital Airlines) have signed a protocol providing for the direct connection between Portugal and China, at a frequency of three to four flights a week. The connection Hangzhou – Beijing – Lisboa will start next June.
(BTN) TAP Portugal celebrates success of Stopover Programme
Oct 17, 2016
The Stopover gives customers the possibility of visiting two destinations, with a stay in Portugal (Lisbon or Porto) during the same trip, as well as offering a host of exclusive additions to make their experience truly memorable.
(HollywoodReporter) Streaming Service Wuaki.TV Expands to Portugal and Holland
Oct 17, 2016
The Japanese-owned streaming service will reach 12 European countries
Streaming service Wuaki.TV said Monday it will expand its VOD services to Portugal and Holland by the end of the year, growing its European operation to include 12 countries.
(SurfLine) What to Expect at the Meo Rip Curl Pro Portugal
Oct 17, 2016
John John could win the title, but not if Medina can help it.
(Bleachreport) Portugal Masters 2016: Friday Leaderboard Scores and Highlights
Oct 21, 2016
Andy Sullivan and Marc Warren are the joint leaders of the Portugal Masters at the halfway point, having amassed impressive overall scores of 14 under par.
(NationalClubGolfer) Golf in Portugal: The lowdown on the Algarve
Oct, 2016
After 50 years, this special region of Portugal is still the obvious choice for a golf holiday in the sun.